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Monday, August 23

Drabble Posts Part 2

1 - Yesterday, my big boss came and said, "Check our bank account balance in Bank Islam, we need to make payment to company X."

So when I make that call to the call center, the first was abruptly disconnected. I was pretty confused as I was sure, there's no problem with the phone connection. Then I redialed and another person answered. This time it was not connected but the guy explained that I was not eligible to ask for balance as my name was not listed in the system or something. It's okay then. Probably that's why the first call was rudely disconnected. But can he just tell me that? It's not I couldn't listen. Even if I were to scam some money somehow by asking for the balance, I wouldn't be so stupid to ignore.

2 - Some people can talk the talk, but can they walk the talk?

3 - I have lots of cats. Most are strays (I never, ever buy one from a pet shop) Being strays, they're dirty, skinny and sick. So it's natural no one wants them. But after I adopted them, bathed, fed and raise them well, some people has become interested. Some would come and asked to take them away, they said I already have to many cats (so what?). Some, dirty ***** would steal them away. My point is, I adopted them. If they (those people) want any, find their own!!! Leave mine alone.

4 - A 17 years old died after visiting Puncak Janing due to leptospirosis (so hard to spell this :p) Such harmful water source is soooo close to home. I heard people from upper area that near the river still using the water supply from the river. Weird isn't it? They somehow still so healthy.


syuhada said...

were they so immune to the water already?

Prinzcy Syida said...

no idea. it's an unsolved mystery (on my part :p) considering only a few were effected by the diseases when actually lots of people already used that water so far. well, that's an opinion of non-medical based person.

syuhada said...

some more yg effected adalah outsider kan...