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Thursday, August 26

Drabble Post 3

1 - Examination ended, finally. A few weeks of resting before the next tutorial. I seriously doubt I'll score with yesterday questions. I did read. I did exercises. Apparently it's not enough. The questions weren't about concept but you need to memorize. When I said memorize, I meant really memorize. Example of a question, what is the main advantage of something. The answer is the one on number one in the note. All answers are correct but you only need to figure out which had been printed as the number one.




2 - I am in process of creating new watermark for my images. I don't particularly fond of the barcode anymore. Since I am pretty undecided I have created a few and probably will create a few more today. I'll blog about them soon.

3 - I felt left behind in everything. I need to start pick up and figure out.

4 - More and more people started to use Facebook wrongly, one example was like this one on TheStar. It used to be blog like Blogspot those days. Now they switch to Facebook. There's nothing wrong with technology, it's unchanged in it's intention to make us live better. But human never change.

5 - Flexi working hours? Wow~~~ I work under a private company that already given me flexible working hours. I can leave to pick Awan from school. I also can shift our once a week holiday. For example, if I need to send Awan to his appointment on Sunday, I can replace it with working on Friday. I guess I am pretty lucky. But not all are like me so I guess this is a good opportunity for others.


syuhada said...

which part that u were left behind?

Prinzcy Syida said...