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Tuesday, August 17

Patience Is A Virtue

1 - Since food is out of the question during the day, most people around this tiny town opt out for alternative activity - strolling, with motorcycle, maximum speed 20 km/hour, time : peak hours (when everyone rushes home from the office) That was really sux!!! They could care less about any other vehicles and some tend to chat with each others (the speaking partners are on different motorcycles) I keep reminding myself that it's fasting month, no swearing in any kind or so. It was really hard~~~

2 - Ramadhan Bazaar is a hit spot this time of year. So people from area this tiny town will come to shop for food. When I say people, I mean lots of people. Really, really and really lots of people. By peak hours, I stuck in traffic jam. Seriously, even this tiny town has traffic jam. Not to mention, some drivers that annoy at waiting tend to drive recklessly. This type of driver and added with No. 1, my patient is thinning.

Patience is a virtue. Or probably not.


syuhada said...

come to here and i dont know whether patience would still be there or not..

pizet said...

cni ada gak bazar ramdhan tepi ofis macam besar gak tapi x penah p sebab parking limited dan kena jalan kaki dalam 2,3 minit...i'm not that rajin...haha tapi x dak la jam sebab ada pakcik polisi jaga dari start bazar tu bukak

Prinzcy Syida said...


it's understandable not to be patient there considering i always know drivers there are like that. but not here.


pakcik polisi pn ada but not really helpful.