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Monday, August 9

Award Received : 09/08/10

To K.Ti,

Thanks a lot for the award, though I am not really sure about the cute part.

Answering session (nothing comes for free anymore)

1.Apa nama blog dan knape letak name tu?

Actually I've been using the name 'prinzcy' since Form 4, when I first got my Yahoo email (and I am still using it 'till now) I couldn't really explain why.

2. Jelaskan knape bagaimana anda boleh dapat idea nk letak nama URL blog anda?

-refer to above-

3. Bila blog anda mula beroperasi?

Around 2 years or so. Plus plus minus minus.

4. Siapa follower pertama anda?

Syuhada I think (was it you Syuhada?) She said it wasn't her. So it's you Makcik.

5. Ucapan kpd si pemberi award

Thanks a lot for the award. If you come back to kampung this weekend, don't forget to buy me some pisang goreng :p

6. Tag 9 org yg anda rsa patut terima award ni. :)

Like always, I don't choose more than 5. Err...

1 - syuhada
2 - nizaa
3 - aida

May you accept this award.


syuhada said...

rasanya aku the second one if refer back to ur follower list at the left side.. :P

Prinzcy Syida said...

so it wasn't you. then probably it's pz.

Kancilbiru said...

baik...tapi tah bila sempat buat tah...hehehe