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Saturday, August 21

Aidilfitri Toll Rates Discount

Shaziman said he proposed a special discount to be given to motorists who observe the speed limit.

"If a journey from here to Melaka takes about two hours but a motorist can make it in one and a half hours, he should not be entitled to the discount.

"This is something that could be pondered by the concessionaires to encourage motorists to follow the speed limit by giving them a higher discount," he said.

...source from Bernama


Well, it might work and it might not. Let see the positive sight first, I must assume some would play by the book (lets not think about the ones who don't care at all about this) Perhaps more would drive nicely and slowly (driving 60 km/hour or so on a highway is way too awesome~~~) But face it. We love less in everything, so some might want to try this.

The negative side : to those whose kampung in rural area, we didn't reach our destination once we left the toll gate. So we will take a break for quite a while at the nearest RnR and continue later on. That doesn't mean there would be less speed while driving and no more rushing. We maybe still got the discount but that doesn't exclude the fact we drive like crazy. Get what I mean?

Well, I am not against the idea. In fact I think it's awesome. But whether it will work or not, let time decide that.


syuhada said...

u are right.. masa sampai tak boleh jadi benchmark..