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Monday, July 5

The Twilight Saga : Eclipse - Movie Vs Novel

I've watched the movie and to my surprise, I loved it!

You know how I compared the novels and movies and how much I love the novels instead of movies adaptation. The Twilight Saga : Eclipse (damn, such a long title!) plot was tweak a bit instead of following the novel's plot. Okay, maybe tweak more than a bit.

The main plot still the same, Victoria and Riley creating armies of newborn vampire to kill Bella for revenge while our heroes, The Cullens and werewolves fight them.

Comparison between novel and movie

1 - Riley spoke a lot. In the novel, he hardly said anything. Well, that can't be help considering Bella narrated for the novel. There's no way she could narrated for Riley as well right? Besides, the only moment she met him was a couple of minutes before he died in the fight between Seth and Edward. Also, Riley's disappearance was one of the main thing mentioned in the movie whereas he's not really mentioned in the novel.

2 - Bree also had a chance to make early appearance instead of making a show at nearly the end and killed later on. She also look less crazy. She supposed to scratch the ground, pull her hair or something, especially when she saw Bella.

3 - Bella was clearly more confused in the novel. I felt an agony to watch her. She couldn't make up her mind, could she? She clearly in love with Edward but she had a feeling for Jacob? It make it like her feeling for one of them was like an obsession, lust, fling or something. Wah! Make up your mind girl! It's a good thing she did choose in the end.

4 - The fights look more amazing in the movie. Well, can't fight that. I had to imagine the fights in the novel whereas in the movie they were shown to me :p

5 - Bella went on a ride on the bike in front of Edward when he approached them at school after she return from visiting her mother. That is not so going to happen in the novel, regardless of what her excuse would be. Edward didn't even allowed her to be close to Jacob, let alone went for a ride. Not to mention, before the second kiss between Jacob and Bella, she went to chase him. Edward wouldn't allow that in the novel. He went to chase him and let her wait at the camp. It's not safe to let her go or so he said. He didn't look quite possessive in the movie.

6 - The story that the tribe listened during the camp fire didn't extend to the part where the new 'cold ones' arrived, The Cullen and made a pact with the tribe which was lead by Ephraim Black at that time.

7 - It was Bella who discovered the new vampires' attention in the novel, and she told Alice before her graduation ceremony. They managed to hide it from Edward until the ceremony ended. Also, Edward didn't sit with Bella at the ceremony. He's a Cullen, with 'C', he sat with Alice. Bella sat with Jessica as both of their family name started with 'S'. Also Jasper that sat with Alice in the movie was supposed to graduate a year earlier. He's Rosaline's twin, they're acting as a year older than Edward and Alice.

8 - Bella didn't even had a chance to use the stone during the last fight in the novel. Edward saw her holding the stone so he did something fast before she could sacrifice herself. Also she didn't even saw one of the vampire crushed Jacob's bone in the novel. She found out about it from Edward and fainted on the way to the clearing. She only saw him afterward at the reservation.

9 - The Volturi looked less intimidating in the movie, I don't know why. But Dakota Fanning is an amazing actress, she always picture Jane well. But they supposed to make her more cool.

10 - Leah was way more annoying in the movie, wow~~~

11 - Did anyone noticed the landscape where Bella went 'camping' while waiting for the attack doesn't look real? Or is it just me?

Overall, the movie was good enough. Usually when an adaptation was made, it was horrible. Guess this time was different. It didn't disappointed me as well as Eclipse was my favourite book out of the four. Can't wait for Breaking Dawn.


syuhada said...

got mentioned somewhere i read, this movie take some from The Short Life of Bree Tanner, sebab tu banyak jugak scene dia. tapi lepas tu kena bunuh, sayangnya.... sebab dia sangat comel (despite the fact that she is vampire!) jeles lah dah tengok movie, but i still want to watch it at cinema. baru best :p
dari segi buku, aku masih ketinggalan kenal watak2 dia yang lain..

Prinzcy Syida said...

b'cos she's a vampire, she supposed to be cute. okay gak kalau p tgk kt cinema, except the fact that i can't control the movie (i love forward, pause and rewind :p)