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Monday, July 19

Prawn Umai

Since I fell in love with the dish, I tried making one. I used this recipe as reference.


* Prawns
* Calamansi
* Onion
* Lemon grass
* Sugar & salt


Mix all and serve. The usage of each ingredient depend on the amount of prawns used. Mind you, it's prawn umai, not onion or lemon grass umai. Also, since Mak probably wouldn't eat uncooked thingy, I steam the prawns. And since I wanted to encourage Awan to eat, I didn't add any chili. But I still failed to force him to eat >.>

The Result

Didn't really taste like the one that I ate in Kuching. Also, I didn't used enough calamansi. But overall it still good enough for my first try. I only need to adjust the ingredients.