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Tuesday, July 13

Paul The Octopus, Retiring

source : NyDailyNews

The world *probably* most famous octopus to date, Paul, had finally decided that he wants to retire. I wonder how they came up with that fact. Paul probably pick the choice to retire based on 'Yes', 'No' basis :p

Syuhada's right. Paul should move away from Germany as now. I think lots of people, even outside Germany couldn't wait to make a dish out of him. He even have guards to protect him (imagine being a bodyguard for an octopus...)

Remember the bird, Mani  that predicted Netherlands' victory over Spain in the final? He's even more famous even after he predicted wrongly for the final match. Apparently he have around 10 visitors an hour after the World Cup 2010 ended.



Solihin Zubir said...

sotong pon org nak bunuh nowh.. dia xtaw pa pon.. sian dia.. haha.. dunia.. dunia..

Prinzcy Syida said...

biasa la, manusia ni mcm2. burung tu x plak dgr cerita org nk panggang ka apa ka.

syuhada said...

mungkin sebab burung tu bukan jenis yang orang makan?

kotak 'yes,no' tu pun berisi makanan dan paul pilih 'yes' (sebab makanan kat belah tu nampak lagi sedap).. hehe teori aku.

Prinzcy Syida said...

tak adanya burung yg org x makan (human can be unpredictably weird sometimes)

aku rasa pn sbb kotak lg satu lebih sedap :p