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Tuesday, July 6

Hazy, Hazy, Being Hazy

1 - I've completed my assignment, sort of. I don't think it's good enough, lack of supporting details from other researchs. But anyway, I've forwarded it to my lecturer so he could check (if he does check his email...)

2 - Finished studying the chapters for mid term. Good news isn't it? Bad news, I can't tell whether all the information stuck in my puny brain :p It's up to tomorrow's mid term. Good luck to me.Yippie~~~

3 - I've been imagining this lately :

source : ecenter

Not really the same tree, but like a dry tree on a dry land. I felt the same as the tree, totally.

Can't believe I am a poet :p

Or I'm just being sarcastic (don't answer that)


syuhada said...

being sarcastic (still want to answer).


Prinzcy Syida said...

tq! (about the wish)