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Friday, July 2

Day 3 : Sarawak Cultural Village

Prior to our booking to Semenggoh, we also booked the shuttle van to Sarawak Cultural Village/SCV. It's a good thing that we booked for early morning visit as we need lots of time to leisurely explore the village. Tip to anyone who wish to visit, don't go for afternoon tour as you'll be running out of time to run here and there.

Day 3 breakfast was pretty special (we don't just eat the cake okay?! :p)

We went to Nieyanna Restaurant to try local Nasi Lemak.

Comment : It's more like Chinese Nasi Lemak instead of Malay style.

The shuttle van was pretty late *again* and we also had to wait for others *again*. Also on the way to the village, we finally saw the entrance to Cat Museum. Again, tip to anyone who wished to visit, just booked the whole van instead of a trip here and there. You could reach more places for a cheaper price. The Cat Museum was on the other side of the river and it's pretty far. No wonder the van wanted to charge us RM20 per trip when we asked on the first day.

We arrived an hour before the cultural show began. After visiting two houses (which we entered from the back or alternative entrances instead of main entrance) we rush back to watch the cultural show. After the show we resumed the tour but most workers already stop for mid day break.  

BTW, here's a picture of me scaling the stairs at Melanau house. Mind you, the stairs was pretty damn high and I was pretty scared of high. Still, since we're already there, I stubbornly wanted to climb the stairs and I was glad I did!

You won't see me looking freak out in this picture :p

After returning from the village, it time for shopping. We went to India Street and Main Bazaar. I almost burnt a hole in my wallet trying to purchase things for almost everyone :p (not that I had lots of money to begin with)

For dinner, we decided to cross to the other side of the river and try the food at the food court there. We saw the food promoted by Qi in Destinasi Bajet so why not try it.

Dinner: Nasi Goreng Dabai. 

Comment : Dabai was a type of fruit and it tasted a bit salty. Apart from that, it worth a try.

After dinner we enjoyed the view for a while before returning to the hotel. Actually we didn't return straight away as I remember I forgot to buy someone a gift. Luckily there's a shop still opened in the Main Bazaar. We made a quick stop and burnt another hole in my wallet :p