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Saturday, June 26

Sick Bug~~~

As same as Syuhada, I was sick as well.

It was sux. In fact, my head is still wobbly and unbalance today. I can't even go to class T3T

Thanks to this too, I received my first IV drips (I should have taken a picture~~~) The doctor had to try twice. Can you imagine, twice??? The first one is painful enough, he need to try twice. He said my vein was small. Huh??? How big is big then?

Hopefully I'll fully recovered within a few days. I need to study for my mid term exam. Also, the post on Kuching need to be continued.


Kancilbiru said...

hang pun demam gak...sama macam aidat...get well soon ok..minum ayaq kosong banyak2...

syuhada said...

ayaq kosong tak sedap langsung. rasa macam ayaq paip tak masak padahal dah masak.. huhu

Prinzcy Syida said...


dh minum dgn sgt byk dh, ubat pn makan smp nk abih dh.


mmg T3T makanan yg lain pn sama.