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Sunday, June 13

Shafari & Siti Syahida's Wedding - Part 2

Pictures from the wedding day

Banner. People loves to make banner for their wedding, I guess it's a trend. But I first heard about their banner, my first impression, huge long banner that could cross over the street. Not!

The flower girls. But they just brought that bouquet on their hands, not throwing rose petals from a basket.

Since there's flower girls, there's also flower boys. No, they don't hold any flower in their hand.

Flower baby? Nah. This baby was too pleased when we put this sunglasses on him that we decided we need a picture taken.

It took quite awhile for the bride and groom to arrive. When they did arrive, it almost started to rain. Notice the dark clouds?

True enough, it started to rain after that.

After waiting for two minutes or so, the groom said that we need to move. It still raining. So I just let them walk. I don't mind waiting a bit longer.

Even though it's raining, they walked like it's nothing (they did seem to walk a bit faster than normal though)

After a couple of minutes, the rain stop :p

The gifts from the bride's side. Theme : pink.


syuhada said...

kenapa tak ada gambar nurul syahida?

Prinzcy Syida said...

photographer x ambik gambar sendiri (eleh~~~)