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Sunday, June 20

Day 1 : Walking and Cruising

Famous cats statue at Kuching.

I finally went to Kuching! Gosh, it was fast. Months before we were only planning, then suddenly the time arrived.

Journey began from LCCT. Actually mine began from AOR Airport. But since it's dark and raining heavily that night, my spirit to photograph any picture was drained as well. I also experience my first major turbulence. Gosh, I still remember how everyone looked like they wish they set their foot on the ground.

Forget about that. Continue with the journey to Kuching. Since our flight was at 8.20 a.m., we were required to check in before 7.20 a.m. It took around an hour or so to arrive to LCCT from Syuhada's house. We left the house around 6.15 a.m. and arrive around 7.00 a.m. Judging from this I concluded that I never have a talent to become an airport taxi driver (not that I plan to anyway~~~)

After the check in process, we *again* head to Taste of Asia for breakfast.

It's Chicken Rice for breakfast. Who cares right? Right after breakfast we proceed to the gate to depart.

In flight, regardless of how full I am, I always have space for food. I meant, I was bored, I can't help myself. This time I just ordered Old Town White Coffee.

I already had nescafe for breakfast (and a cup before that at Syuhada's house). Added with this coffee, I really am a junkie am I?

High on caffeine~~~

Compared to the night before, the journey to Kuching was smooth. It's clear and sunny.

It took around 2 hours to arrive. My first impression on Kuching : full of rivers. I was nearly right. I could see rivers and forests from the flight.

Upon arrival, we were required to make a visiting pass, like the one to enter Sabah. Then while scouting for taxi's counter to buy coupon, we saw a guy holding Syuhada's name. Apparently he's from Lime Tree Hotel. We did make an enquiry to the hotel regarding rates and all but never confirm to stay there. So I was pretty shocked when he was waiting to pick us up. After moments of awkward, we reached an agreement and he's willing to drop us to Harbour View Hotel for RM23.

The hotel was okay. I have no complaint about it. Plus, it's near to most locations so I think it's a good choice. It also faced the Kuching Waterfront and close to the famous Main Bazaar. After checking this and that and requesting for a couple of stuff, we put on our walking shoes and started walking.

We had lunch first. Near the hotel was a Malay restaurant, Nieyanna Restaurant. The first meal in Kuching, Laksa Sarawak.

Comment : I am not really fond of food with coconut milk in it. End of comment.

Then we started walking to the museums. Really, the museums. A few of museums were build near to each other so you could visit a few in one stop. They are near the Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites and around 20 minutes walk from Harbour View Hotel.

We only went to Entomology Museum (that's the name on the entrance, I thought it was Sarawak Museum) The entrance was free. Behind the museum was the Town Aquarium (which entrance was also free) and War Memorial. I have no idea the War Memorial was there so I didn't even step my foot into the park (I thought it's a park) I thought the War Memorial was the graves on the back of the museum.

Across the street (reachable via a bridge from the museum), we went to Islamic Museum. It was pretty cool. But since the location was pretty secluded, it received less visitor.

After the Islamic Museum, we continued walking to find the Kuching Waterfront. Despite being a bit off track, we found India Street (famous for shopping), Chinese Street and bus station. Still, we did reach the river. From there, we saw/ visited other places.

|| a - Square tower : only to be view, not enter. Even at that time the door was open. || b - Tua Pek Khong Temple : right next to our hotel. || c - Chinese History Museum : small building for some knowledge. || d - Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak - it's on the other side of the river. || e - Astana : it's a palace so it's only viewable from the outside. ||

Ford Margherita was near as well but I just realized I didn't take any picture of it. Since we're there, I wanted to try the river cruise. But check the price!

Oh forget it! Out of my budget.

So we seek other alternative, the boat, which could be rent for RM10 for a trip along the river and back again. I thought the uncle was going to row the boat the entire journey but he switch on the engine and sat at the back.

It's nearly dark when the cruise ended but we still need to find the shuttle for tomorrow. We walked nearly to Sarawak Plaza (where we found the statue from above) and decided to return to the hotel. After shower and pray, we talked to the staff at the reception counter for the information on the shuttle service. She did provided us with some pamphlets which we considered to book and then head out for dinner at Flora Cafe in Medan Pelita.

Ayam Penyet Special.

Comment : Syuhada said it supposed to be crushed more. I dunno. I can't even compare. It's the first time for me to eat it. The taste was quite delicious. I also don't know which part made it special. There's no 'not special' option in the menu.

After dinner we booked tour to Semenggoh Wildlife Park and Sarawak Cultural Village. Then head to bed. The first day finally ended.


syuhada said...

laksa tu sedap.. aku suka.. :)

tak tau sini sama sedap ke tak..

Kancilbiru said...

ayam penyet pun ada??? hurm....ingat kat belah2 sini ja..

Prinzcy Syida said...


try kt laksa shack tgk.

pn nizaa,

aku rasa ayam penyet tu bkn original malaysia kut.