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Wednesday, June 30

Day 2 : Orang Utan, Plenty of Them!

Back from hiatus, I continued my post :p

Day 2 started rather early. The shuttle van said they'll pick up us around 7.45 a.m. as we need to be at Semenggoh Wildlife Center before morning feeding area which around 9.00 a.m. If not, you'll waste time to be there when there's no orang utan to see.

Breakfast for day 2. That cake was bought when we took a stroll on the waterfront the day before.

We're early but others not.

Seriously, that was an annoying thing when we had to wait.That's also one of the disadvantage when you booked to ride with a shuttle van.

Anyway, we managed to leave and arrived before the feeding time. You could see their nest if you squint your eyes well

Syuhada said they build new nest everyday. They must had to change address everyday too.

The feeding area was around 200 meters from the road. So you have to walk in while watch out for your head. Some orang utan might suddenly swing by and be friendly. After waiting for a while, only one orang utan showed up.

I was like, "What? I only managed to see one today???"

But the ranger said that if no orang utan showed up, that mean the program was a success as they return to the wild. So I guess we should feel happy for that. Yeah, I was still sad. So we took a picture of ourselves as a replacement.

Then the ranger made an announcement that more orang utan showed up at the assembly area. we rushed back to the area and around 4-5 of them showed up. So the program was no longer a huge success???

I guess we're pretty lucky. I read in the review about no orang utan show up on certain visit but we managed to see this many orang utan.

Around 10.00 a.m. we leave the centre to return to Kuching. The shuttle van dropped us at the hotel. We planned to visit Jong's Crocodile Farm but it's too expensive to go there T3T so plan changed, we walked around the town instead.

We hunt for Mee Kolok. A tip from the hotel lead us to Tun Jugah, a 5 minutes walk from the hotel (minus time to be lost and confused :p)  We found a food court in the building for the food.

a - Mee Kolok || b - Mee Kolok Goreng

Comment : It's pretty inexpensive, only RM3.50 per plate/bowl. It tasted very good too. Highly recommended.

After the meal, we walked to the jetty to ride a boat across the river. I watched about the layer cake factory in Mastraveler so I wondered whether we're lucky enough to find it. If not, layer cake is not really a problem. You could literally found the cake just about anywhere.

But guess what, from the jetty, just walk to the end of the street, there it is, the famous Dayang Salhah Layer Cake factory!

It's worthy to go there as you'll have more selection.

For the night, since we're introduced to Top Spot, a famous eatery, we decided to seek for it. Actually, Top Spot was in front Tun Jugah, where we had lunch so it really near the area. Also the famous eatery was on the highest level of the car park.

We ordered umai. I heard about umai from Aisyah before, it really the first time to put that food in my mouth.

a - sign to Top Spot || b - front view of Top Spot from across the road || c - umai, oishi!!! || d - a bowl of rice || e - fried kailan with salted fish (kailan ikan masin da...)

Tip to anyone who want to go there, if you want to only eat umai, don't wander to other stall. Umai only served in the centre of that place and you don't sit at other place. If not, you will face a not so pleasant moment there. Seriously. It's not that you can't order it from another stall, you also need to order something from the stall you sit in. 

Apart from above comment, the meal was delicious. Really. The umai tasted really good, I think I want to try to learn to make one myself. Highly recommended to taste this for anyone that wish to go to Kuching.


syuhada said...

i got that info (about the nest) from somewhere, if that source tipu, then i pun tipu la. hehehe

Kancilbiru said...

mana satu umai daa...tak nampak pun...

Prinzcy Syida said...

c tu umai. sbb dia isi ikan so x berapa nampak.