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Monday, May 31

To Choose Or Not To Choose

source : tutorialqueen

I have been teaching Science for Form 5 for nearly a month. That place is not really a tuition center as it's not so organized and run by teachers without real management. So students show up as their pleased and adapt annoying attitudes. Sometimes they don't show up. Sometimes they show up late (more than half an hour) and I hate to wait. They don't seem prepared and their number seem decreasing each class. To be honest, it's annoying as I will be paid based on the number of students. I wonder whether I should stop the class as it's getting on my nerve (I will have more gray hairs in no time). I need to prepare materials, study topics (I never take Science during my SPM to begin with) and they not showing up, wasted the hard work that I put through. Plus they seem to take things for granted.

I really have a headache right now. I tried contacting the teacher who persuaded me to teach there but she haven't picked up the phone.

Should I quit???


Kancilbiru said...

berhenti ja daripada stress berpanjangan...

Prinzcy Syida said...

I wish I could.