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Saturday, May 8

Static Ad In Blogger

What is static ad?

Well, it's the ad that doesn't move inside your blog, rooted on the same spot whether you scroll up or down. It doesn't necessarily display ad but you can place notes, memo, picture, whatever. For the sake of this tutorial, I'll stick with ad.

It's pretty easy to setup this ad. First, go to Dashboard-Layout-Add a Gadget-HTML/Java Script.

Then, insert this :

<div style='display:scroll; position:fixed; bottom:5px; right:5px;'>code/image code/whatever</div>

If you have annoying issue like me, for example, the poll (for Nuffnang ad) appeared as well as the ad like this :

Just go to Blog Manager - Choose No for the poll of particular blog

Then you get the result you wanted

Easy isn't it?

Happy trying!