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Friday, May 7

Lets Watch -Old- Movies

Not really old but from a couple of years back (or more). I felt like I wanted to watch them so I did. So nostalgic~~~ (nah, not really. I said that to add more line to this paragraph :P)

BTW, the movies are :

1 ) Good Will Hunting

source : wikipedia

Why did the prodigy ended up at MIT out of all places? Sue me. But if he just solved the tricky Math questions on anonymous whiteboard at an anonymous place, then it won't make such story isn't it?

2 ) Pay It Forward

source : wikipedia

I love the idea promoted by this movie. We help 3 persons in advance and then they help another three. The cycle would go on and on. It's a sad ending at the end but it still a good movie to watch. Oh no, spoiler!

3 ) NeverEnding Story II

source : wikipedia

Jonathan Brandis~~~

End of comment.

Got other recommendation for this weekend?