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Wednesday, May 12

Kuro 40,000 Milage Check Up

It's Kuro's time to visit its doctor. Actually I was due to take it there weeks ago but financial crisis came over me, if you understand what I meant :p

Instead of making an appointment, I tried walk-in. Good news, there's not many people waiting as its working day. Bad news, wrong timing. I arrived around noon and it's almost time for them to close for lunch.

But you know Perodua don't like unhappy customer, not like I showed unhappy face. So they decided to take in Kuro and kept explaining it almost time for lunch and most mechanics already took early shift break.

It's fine by me as I could wait. Then more good news, the first shift break already came in to start their work not long after that.

As I need to wait, what else can I do? Enjoy the food!

Then, when I took my first bite, I remembered my mouth ulcer, in a painful way. Ouch~~~

But I was too hungry so I still finished the whole plate. So much for being in pain. At least today's not as painful as yesterday. I could probably eat the mango at home after this.

From where I sat I could see Kuro's in the air.

Kuro can fly! Nah, not really. If Kuro can fly, then it can change into one of the Transformers and drive by itself. Too good to be true.

Today's charges was RM177++ (maybe they even charge for the food, who knows?)


Kancilbiru said...

wow! burger malaysia...

Prinzcy Syida said...

tu la. nampak ja mcm excited! lama x makan! lepas tu br sakit.

syuhada said...

tak ada nasi lemak ke? oh, bukan pagi kan....

Prinzcy Syida said...

ikut hari. hr tu dia nk bg burger malaysia dpt la burger malaysia tu. patutnya kelmarin la bg nasi lemak, org x ramai.