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Tuesday, May 18

Jumble Stories

1 -

Look like a glasses ad?

Nah, actually this was a gift from Mak not long after I bought Kuro. So, estimated the time a bit, it's age almost 2 years old. Almost as old as Kuro. I can't believe I have it that long. Time do fly don't they?

One of the nose pads felt off recently. Instead of buying a new one, I decided to seek a shop to repair it. I was already at A.S., fixing my pc, so why not?

It's not that simple anyway. I went to Optical Point but they said that they went out of stock on that particular item. Can you believe it? A shop as big as that don't have simple thing like that. So I stroll around before I found another shop. It doesn't even have a banner yet but they can fix it.

It took more than 15 minutes to detach the old ones and put the new ones. The screws were tiny and I highly appreciated the guy's effort. Especially when they didn't take any payment.

2 -

Received this recently and I suddenly felt irritated.

This isn't the first time to receive this kind of invitation.  I don't know, more than 10? It's irritating to go through the process. First, weird questions. Then I'll hear the irritating questions being shot at me. I know they want to know whether I am capable of handling such irritable situation but do tell me, what was the right way to handle it anyway, since I was never right.

I really really really hate to attend but I know Mak will make sure I'll go.

3 -

Recently, Google Maps, TripAdvisor and tourism sites have become my best buddies. I can't believe it's almost the time to go to Kuching! Wee~~~