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Tuesday, May 4

Flight Rescheduled

Prior to my future visit to Kuching, I received sms telling me my flight from AOR to LCCT had been rescheduled to 2150 hrs on the same day. Suddenly I received an email telling me it change again.

AirAsia regrets to advise that our flight AK5253, scheduled to depart from ALOR SETAR to KUALA LUMPUR at 5.40PM (1740 hours) on 15TH JUNE 2010, has unfortunately been rescheduled. The new departure time is at 9.50PM (2150 hours) and it arrives in KUALA LUMPUR at 10.50pm (2250 hours), local time.


I thought I made a reservation for a flight on 14TH JUNE 2010, not the date they said.


WTH? 15TH is the date for our departure to Kuching.

I thought I want to try Live Help instead of calling the center *stingy me* but apparently it was close by now. Damn. So I resorted to hotline but it appeared to have been closed as well during this time. I need to wait until tomorrow and it's pretty annoying until I figure out whether I need to change my schedule or not.

What's wrong with their system???


syuhada said...

apa pulak suka2 hati nak tukar flight org ni? understandable lagi kalau tukar time. tukar tarikh?? wt*!

Prinzcy Syida said...

ah, dh settle. td berjaya tipon and confirm.

Kancilbiru said...

wowo...nak p kuching....p ngan aidat ka?

Prinzcy Syida said...

yup. aku pernah nk ajak ang tp call x dpt ms tu.