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Thursday, May 13

Ditzy Day

I certainly pick a good day to be ditzy, it's when I had to work. We were reviewing a topic on Substance. I wrote the answers on the board. Then the students laughed. I wrote 'daya tarikan lemak' instead of 'daya tarikan lemah'. Embarrassed, I joked that they should have corrected me instead of laughing. They don't laugh anymore after that but that didn't mean I didn't make any mistake. When I wipe out the white board after the class ended, I realized I wrote 'gas nadis' instead of 'gas nadir'. How many mistakes did I make without even realized it?

Then when I reached the car, I realized I took home the exercises that another teacher left on the table. Great, I need to return that now. Not to mention, I just walked to the door tonight and realized I didn't really want to go out.

Why am I so ditzy today? I need to snap out of this. I still need to work tomorrow. Wake up Syida! Wake up! *slap*

Unrelated to the post, I listened to this song in the radio today. It stuck in my head.


syuhada said...

daya tarikan lemak? hahaha~

hukum teori ni boleh menguruskan badan tak? :P

Prinzcy Syida said...

maybe bleh menguruskan badan; pepejal jd cecair sbb daya tarikan lemak :p