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Sunday, May 2

Cute Pocoyo Attacks!

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This is an animated cartoon aimed for preschool. Since Awan tend to watch PHDC channel, I watch this show a couple of time. To be honest, it's pretty acceptable for me to stick around and watch compared on a show about trains/ planes that talk or big dragon that somehow can grant wishes via singing. The Pocoyoland reminds me of Sesame Street. You know, everybody live happily regardless of situation and everyone is way too helpful. Except people in Pocoyoland don't sing ABC and count numbers...

Reason why it's bearable

1 - I find him too cute. I don't know, I must be weird. But when he run and jump, he remind me of Shauqi in some way (though Shauqi haven't run and jump yet) I just love cute cartoon. Remind me of a cartoon that I used to watch years ago. I can't remember the title but it's about a chick named Pep or something.

2 - It's a way to educate kids. Pocoyo usually learn something in each episode. So it helps Awan to learn something as well. Well he did learn some at least.

3 - I don't find it as annoying as a show on a couple of pets that rescue other pets while singing. No offense to the fans. Sorry, I can't help to feel irk each time I heard that song. It's like it stuck in my head and won't go away.

Anyway, here's a couple of episodes from Pocoyo.


belogpizet said...

syauqi suka gak little einstein ngan dibo lg menarik perhatian dia sbb nyanyi2 kot

Prinzcy Syida said...

maybe sbb they're full of colors.

syuhada said...

tak pernah tengok. haha... i still like wonderpets. kekeke~

Prinzcy Syida said...

kalau x sengaja tertgk, aku pn x tgk jgk. that's happen when there's kids in the house.