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Thursday, May 27

British scientist becomes first human 'infected' with computer virus

A young British scientist stakes a claim to being the first human infected with a computer virus after he contaminated an electronic RFID chip implanted in his hand, reported China’s Xinhua news agency on Tuesday.

Dr. Mark Gasson from the University of Reading, truly is the first human carrying a computer virus inside his body.

However he, the human carrier, might no actually be “infected” the chip he has embedded in his hand surely is.

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Being too smart is a pain as well it seems. He claimed to install the chip to make his access to the lab facilities with a key, which seem like a very genius plan until he's being infected by computer virus. I wonder what got inside the chip. Trojan? Worm?

I don't think the virus effected his body though as he only implanted it to ensure easy to the facilities, not to help his body function.

But being a scientist, he's happy being infected. Check out for yourself!