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Wednesday, May 19


After hours of process and settling stuffs, I finally can relax a bit. I went to visit the tokwan this evening and he also had woken up. He said he didn't see 'me' before the accident. I don't know how was that possible considering Kuro is big enough for naked eyes. But he already around 70++ years old, I guess that was possible.

Well, whatever the case was, he was hurt (broke a rib) so we had to log a police report. I already submitted the documents needed to the police. Etiqa said that they will cover up the cost to fix the motorcycle (or so they said) Luckily I didn't need to leave Kuro at the police station.

Besides, I don't know who really at fault as everyone will definitely point their finger at me. I drove a car, he rode a motorcycle. Bigger vehicle hold bigger responsibility. One way or another.

What a bad day. I felt so tired right now.


AiDa aHmaD said...

ha???? biaq btui, xkan kot..cmna jd g2, budak ka @ orang tua 2???

syuhada said...

satu gambar tells it all (sbb the whole story inside it)..

sabar and cool, syida. insyaAllah takde apa2..

Prinzcy Syida said...


tua dh tok wan tu. lebih kurang 70++. tu yg patah tulang tu.


alhamdulillah, dh settle report and inform bhgn insurans. tokwan tu pn dh sedar dah.

belogpizet said...

cian kat dia

Prinzcy Syida said...

cian la jgk.