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Sunday, April 11

Let's Toggle!

Since I was pretty busy with final exam last week, I didn't have enough time to prepare good material for tuition class. So in the end, we played toggle/boggle game.

It's pretty easy. You just need to arrange the letters given to form a word. Points will be given according to the number of letters you used (minimum 3 letters).

  • 3 letters = 1 point

  • 4 letters = 2 point

  • 5 letters = 3 point

  • 6 letters = 1 point + 1 bonus point since they used all 6 letters given

  • So I divided them into three groups and they started the game. Motivation : a prize to be given next week. Who does work for free? Even in a game...

    I was bored waiting for them to complete the game so I walked around and snapped some pics (bad teacher, bad bad teacher)

    As you can see, they still have time to glimpse while I was taking pictures. One even said, "Did my picture okay?"

    I already checked their answer so I'll head to buy a hamper this week.

    Lesson learnt from this game :

    1 - It's okay to let them use the dictionary. They took longer time to search instead of using their brains to try to think for simple words that they already know.

    2 - Give each team the same letters.

    3 - Prepare the gift beforehand if the gift is awesome and 'mouth watering'. It will definitely motivate them. If the gift is so-so, keep it until it's time to give it to them.


    syuhada said...

    food is always the best prize! haha

    Prinzcy Syida said...

    of course!

    belogpizet said...

    cikgu ni memang suka ambik gmbr...

    Prinzcy Syida said...

    ik pn sama gak ^,^