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Tuesday, April 27

What I Learned From Mythbusters

Image : Wikipedia

Oh yeah, I watch the show. Sue me :p

A Slap Can Makes You Sober

You can sober a drunk person with a good slap. Wow! Try that when you have a chance. I think the impact from the slap that sober up the drunk...

Your Eyeballs Won't Pop Out When You Sneeze

Your eyeballs are secure in the sockets. We shut our eyes due to reflex. So I think there's hardly a person able to open wide his/her eyes and sneeze to find out whether they will pop out or not.

So check this video.

Angry Driver Uses More Fuel

We'll more likely to hit the brake and gas more than usual. Speaking from experience, that do happen *guilty*

You Can Actually Walk On Fire

Not really fire, the dying fire. The ashes help you to make it possible. That is, as long as you don't walk too fast and force more impact that usual.

But since they made the research based on Science, there are some not accepted by me. Well, not all can be perfect.


syuhada said...

oh oh... aku tau rancangan ni pernah tertengok kat kedai mamak. masa tu depa nak prove myth kertas boleh lipat lebih dari 7 kali... trick dia, dia guna kertas besar gudang. tak tau la berjaya ke tak.. sebab kami dah habis lunch dah masa tu..

Prinzcy Syida said...

this one? bleh. sbb paper tu besar gila.

belogpizet said...

suka no tgk gmbr pelik2..kak ipar sob mcm tu la

Prinzcy Syida said...

bkn ang pn tgk ka?