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Sunday, April 25

Semester May 2010 Begins!

So after the short break (there's no such thing as long break in OUM calendar), I went to register for the new semester yesterday.

I already paid my fee so that one was clear off the list. However, I didn't make a photocopy of the receipt. It's important to have one in case of dispute regarding payment. So I had to circle around the area to find a photocopy shop. Guess what? There's a community college and Insaniah at the end of the area, Avon, HPA shops (plenty of them), Pantai Medical Hospital, spas, restaurants, miscellaneous shops and companies but NO photocopy shop.

Can you believe it???

There's signs/banners in front a couple of shops stating they offered the service but apparently they don't open up at all.

So I drove to Tesco as I am positively sure there should be one shop there that could help me out. And it did.

Someone should start printing business at Amanjaya. Seriously.

Back to registration process, I had another problem. It turned out that I wrongly printed the UKR03 form - form for new subjects registration. That form should be printed as soon as we registered for new subjects. Thanks a lot for the no notice as I wouldn't know such things. I was fined RM2 so they can print a new one for me.

Then I finally managed to complete the registration process and received new modules.

New subjects to read, study, digest and stuff into my brain.

Also, new timetable.

There's a tiny problem. That second tutorial clash with my cousin's wedding day. What should I do? I couldn't be selfish and went to class can't I? (though Mak's quickly said with evil smirk that I should go to class and heed no obligation to the wedding feast) I could do that and start eternity grudge from my aunt for missing the big day.

I think I have to skip my class.

p/s : regarding the wedding day, I need to send the invitation. Do sms me your address so I can send the card.


Kancilbiru said...

cepatnya....aku lagi 2 minggu...hehe

belogpizet said...

selamat belajar...hoho cepat sungguh...i still have one paper to sit for exam

Prinzcy Syida said...

nizaa and pz,

mmg cepat. i hv 3 semesters in one year remember?

syuhada said...

ada clash dgn sarawak trip tak?

Prinzcy Syida said...

no. luckily.