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Sunday, April 11

The Not Blind Search The Way

I told you I'll be taking the final exam at Jitra but I haven't tell you my adventure to search the way to get there.

Seriously it was pretty stupid.

I already knew IPDA is there, at Jitra. I knew the location but not the exact location. So one day before the exam, I decided to seek the route with Chikin, Abg and Awan (actually, Awan just tag along, he never say anything about the way to get there).

p/s : Don't say anything about my ugly drawings :p

We arrived from here (I took the way to Onkyo)

Since we saw a sign about getting to IPGM College, we thought it was around the area.

So we took the route. Bad choice. The guard told us to turn left at the traffic lights.

Well, you know me and my no sense of direction.

I took the right.

So we had to turn back. And then again...

I took another wrong turn.

After being nagged by the duo in my car about not too fast to turn into a lane, we finally took the right turn.

Guess what, really right next to Aminuddin Baki is IPDA.

Heh, I am definitely not a right person to become a tour guide or anything related to direction.

Anyway, this is IPDA (front gate that is)

And this is the Exam hall.


syuhada said...

u just love to make a turn, don't u? tiap2 turn pun turn......

Prinzcy Syida said...

hehe *garu kepala innocently*