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Wednesday, April 21

Boom-de-ah-da! Boom-de-ah-da!

I got this song stuck in my head. Keep repeating the part with 'boom-de-ah-da'. This is the song from Discovery Channel. Most 'singers' features were from the shows in the channel like Deadliest Catch (my now favourite show~~~), Mythbusters and Man Vs. Wild (I felt like I'm promoting Discovery Channel~~~)

Why don't you try to sing too.

Another one, without that ad on top.

Apart from these versions, there are several other versions available.

Boom-de-ah-da! Boom-de-ah-da!


syuhada said...

still not as powerful as kuro neko no tango lagi.. lagu tu first time dengar terus stuck dalam kepala.. haha

syida, ada award 4 u :)

Prinzcy Syida said...

dh received. thx.