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Tuesday, April 20

Blogger's Unactivity Report.

My computer's down. That's why.

Okay, let's elaborate the short answer.

Remember my complain about video/display problem. The problem has become worse where I could no longer start my computer properly. I was forced to operate on Safe Mode (which not entirely safe as antivirus didn't work~~~) and my computer was mute! I watched videos on youtube and try to understand the story from the subtitle! (despite ugly graphics, I still watch some videos there...)

So I decided to visit a shop. Not the one I used to go but a new shop.

The result was given the next day and it turned out that this was the culprit:

One of the capacitors on the graphic card blew up. To be honest, it was shocking. Such thing rarely happen. The technician said it was something to do with either excessive heat or electricity. My bet : heat. Definitely that.

But that didn't end there.

After I tried opening Firefox and MS Word at the same time, the computer hang and then restart. Then I kept receiving these messages:

I had to return to the shop.

And waited a couple of hours again to ensure I could take it back home on the same day.

It was tiring.

However, one person seems to enjoy this.

It's His Majesty of course.

Hopefully, all of these problems will end here. At least for a long time.


Kancilbiru said...

uiii sampai mcm tu sekali...

Prinzcy Syida said...

tu la. rasa ganas semcm.

syuhada said...

buat kerja meng'hack' orang ke apa ni... haha!

Prinzcy Syida said...

x mgkn aku menghack org~~~