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Wednesday, April 21

Awan And LEGO

Remember my post about a house for me? Well, Awan love in LEGO seems endless. So tonight, I asked him to design things for me. Check the pics!


Two cute robots (or doll...people...I don't know. I'll stick with robots)

Then, the robots (which added with another one) were having tea together.

Last but not least, a sampan for me. Complete with oars.

I'll ask him to build me a burger joint tomorrow *snickers*


syuhada said...

wow! kreatif dan imaginative! *clap clap*

comel some more!

Prinzcy Syida said...

ari tu dia ada buat restaurant. siap dgn meja makan kt luar. x ambik plak gambar.

Kancilbiru said...

budak ni esok2 besaq mesti kretip..sila polish lagi bakat dia...