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Thursday, March 18

Watch out for 'flying objects' at Slim River-Bidor of NSE

GEORGE TOWN: Those driving along the North-South Expressway, especially between Slim River and Bidor stretch, should watch out for “flying” pebbles.

This stretch had been identified as hot spot for kids throwing pebbles and stones on moving vehicles, more so during the school holidays.

Plus Expressway Berhad operations chief Mohammad Fuad Khusairi said the stretch was among the dangerous stretches along the highway.

“The incidents are rampant especially during the school holidays,” he said.

Last year, there were 30 cases reported along the highway with a majority of the incidents reported at the Slim River-Bidor stretch.

“So far, they have not caused any major road accidents but vehicles had been reported to be damaged,” he said. and full news at TheStar


My first reaction when reading the title was, "Oh wow, UFO!"

Nah, I was wrong *dream crashed*

So we need to be on lookout/careful for brats kids that like to have fun in the wrong way. Seriously those kids need to have a live. Although no one get killed so far, there's a chance something like this might happen. Then that pranks will be backfire.

Here's unrelated event of prank backfire but convey the same message, "Some messing up or you're dead!"


syuhada said...

OMG!! tak pasal2 kena tumbuk!

btw, masa tengok tajuk ang aku tak terpikir UFO. tapi, terpikir hantu... typical melayu betul!

Prinzcy Syida said...

kira aku fikir lain skit la.