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Wednesday, March 31

Seeking For A Job Is Though

I'm still on job hunting mood. Still arm with spear and try to catch any prey. Oh yeah, keep on imaginating~~~

Anyway, I registered for two job seeker sites that really famous. One even widely promoted through television and radio. Just guess the sites as I won't reveal the name and so wouldn't you.

The first site doesn't pose much of a problem except the fact that most employers there seek employees with years of experience. Some want the ones that have more than 10 years of experience! Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

As for the second one, some employers are more interested in finding downline for their biz. Like pay per click or whatever business that require downline. I probably can guess their reason. It's like that uncle said to me, "Why bother looking for a job? It's time for MLM. You can only make more money through one!"

Yeah right!

If you can make more money through one, you shouldn't still open your vases-selling-business.

My point is, I know we need to be creative to expand our business (regardless online or traditional kind of business) but don't try to trick people who are desperate to find a job. It's cruel.


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syuhada said...

* baca sambil membayangkan syida berlari sambil bawa lembing.. hunting la katakan...

sooner or later, i think i will join the club as well. kelab hunting..

Prinzcy Syida said...

make sure u still hv a job while hunting for one.