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Thursday, March 11

Once Upon A Time, There's A Blackout


Okay, to be precise, it's not once upon a time but tonight, suddenly, blackout happened. I was on my way to the store in front of my house when suddenly, PUP *sound effect* it's dark! It took me seconds to register that there's no electricity. I must have look like an idiot standing in front of the gate...

So I returned to switch off my PC (I used UPS), grab a torchlight and continue my journey to the shop. Since it's quite dark, I doubt nobody notice me doing that :p

Anyway, I asked mak whether she did something to fix our gas stove. It didn't burn out well. The flames looked like dying, really really annoying. I took an hour or more to cook oyster sauce meat as I wanted the juice to dry a bit.

I think she's mad at me for asking since she wanted to fix it in the dark. One hand holding a torchlight and another try to do something to the stove. So I gave her a hand. Then guess what, the stove could no longer be used, thanks to our skill~~~ (peribahasa Melayu, seperti tikus membaiki labu)

So mak suggested that we went out to buy a new stove. Besides, I was hungry and there's no way I could cook anything with the stove.We quickly get dressed to leave the dark house.

We're lucky there's one store still open at that time. It's nearly time for them to close and the workers actually already started cleaning. But I don't really care. I wanted a stove and I'll have it.

Then we stop at a stall to have our dinner. All three of us ordered Fried Kuey Teow (Actually that's my decision alone. Everyone else took too long to decide and I was really hungry. Angry Syida has the veto power!) Meanwhile we ordered something else for Awan.

Our food arrived around 30 minutes later but the one for Awan was still no where in sight.

The hungry prince still have time to look at the camera. Awan's addiction to camera is almost as worse as his addiction to the mirrors, although it's not as worse as that. After we're done with our kuey teow, finally his meal arrived.


Since it's took too long, we just tapau it and went home.Anyway, here's a sneak peak of the new stove:

Sorry, just the box. We still unpacked it yet :p Too tired to do that. But you can pretty guess how it looks like. I can test it tomorrow.

BTW, when we got home, we just realized we forgot to switch off the plugs as we were welcome with a bright house with fan and tv on. Somehow, the electricity was connected while we're on the journey back.


belogpizet said...

dapur br...hmmm

Prinzcy Syida said...


syuhada said...

sedapnya sate itu... huhu

Prinzcy Syida said...

kena tunggu lama gila, tu yg bertambah sedap.