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Monday, March 8

How To File A Claim From TM

I did when to TM Point for file a claim for no service from 23rd of Feb 10 'till 2nd of March 10.

So here's how to file one.

1 - Ask for the forms from the receptionist. Duh!

One for the Internet and one for the phone line (if you need to file for both, which normal to not have Internet connection if your phone line was dead)

2 - Fill it out. Mental note : despite the form stated you need photocopy of ID and such, just fill the forms and you probably don't have to photocopy anything. Apparently they don't even asked for my ID. Let alone a photocopy one.

3 - After the TM clerk/teller/worker/whatisyourjobanyway? gives you the claim report, you're done. They'll tell you TM will send a letter to tell you whether you will receive your claim or not. If you do, you will receive it via some amount cut off from your next bill.


File a report by calling 100 when there's no connection thanks for reminding me Nizaa. That report will be a proof and make things easier.


Kancilbiru said...

owh..kena report eh? tak bleh call ja ka?

Prinzcy Syida said...

call 100 utk report x ada line. yg tu yg depa pakai utk rujukan bila kita isi borang claim.

syuhada said...

mahfan-nya... auto detect la.. macam P1 buat... automatik deduct bill...

Prinzcy Syida said...

kalau auto detect senang skit kut. x payah buat aduan?