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Sunday, March 7

Futuristic Mirror That Transforms

pic source TheStar

OSAKA: Japanese company Minebea has developed flat mirrored surfaces that transform themselves into keyboards, remote controllers and calculators.

Sometimes it’s nice to see a piece of technology that makes you think “I can’t wait for the future.” Minebea’s next-generation “Cool Leaf” input devices are some of those products.

The products were developed in conjunction with the famed product designer Prof Kazuo Kawasaki of Osaka University in Japan.

Cool Leaf’s single flat mirror surface design quickly transforms into a luminous, touch-sensitive product when it senses human interaction. The surface, a light guide plate, can be customised to show keys, numbers and buttons, or areas can remain free of symbols to allow track pad input.

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Seriously, life is getting cooler and better.

And seriously, I don't think I really want to know how much does it cost to get a piece of this. Probably not for someone with miniscule bank account balance like me =P

But would I be needing this 3in1 anyway?