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Thursday, March 4

Dinner Date at Pizza Hut

So the word 'dinner date' make you wondering who I had dinner with?


It's them.

Sorry to spoil your fun but it's my cousin and aunt.

My cousin is getting married this June (not her, her brother) So my aunt has been on shopping mood for the marriage preparation for months now. She asked me to drive them to Jitra. In return I wanted Pizza Hut and RM30 worth of petrol :p (I am so selfish~~~)

Anyway, after the shopping marathon ended (which she claimed there are still more to buy and will come again soon) we headed to Pizza Hut for dinner.

Since I saw the add, I was so dying to try this pizza.

Luckily, the pizza still available. There's also the new promotion by Pizza Hut, the ones with 'mum's taste'. I wanted to order something from the menu but I was told there's only two left. One of it was Tempura Prawns Spaghetti. Sound interesting, so I did order that. BTW, mum's taste include Tempura Prawns Spaghetti???

While waiting, my aunt was having fun browsing the menu that she accidentally hit the button on it.

As the result, the bill arrived.

Lesson learnt : keep your hand to yourself.

This was the so called Tempura Prawns Spaghetti

It's more like ordinary spaghetti with two tempura prawns added.


Anyway, other meals were splendid, especially the pizza Drooling smiley face

Total cost : RM70.41.

So worth it, especially I was not the one that pay smiley face


Kancilbiru said...

sedap pulak tengok pizza tu. padahal aku tgk dalam iklan sikit pun tak terliur...ka sbb aku posa.? hahaah

Sertai Contest Aku & Kancilbiru!

Prinzcy Syida said...

sedap wehh...

maybe sbb extra cheese + udang yg besar *drool*

belogpizet said...

memang sedap kalau free

syuhada said...

dalam banyak2 button, yang bill tu jugak yang tertekan.. hehehe

Prinzcy Syida said...


ya btul!


tu la. kalau yg lain tu ok lagi. cepat plak tu depa hantar bill tu.