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Thursday, February 18

Prinzcy Was Tired

I needed to do some research for my assignment. There's a digital library provided by university but I just wanted a real book that I can touch while lay on my bed (:p)

Anyway, I went to the state library today. There's a branch library in Kuala Nerang but I doubt there's the books that I needed (ampun~~~)

The state library.

I arrived early and parked outside. Stupid. Actually we can park for free inside the area instead of parking outside.

But there's no way I would know something like that. Mind you, the last time I visited the library, I don't even have my own car. I took the bus. Bus don't parked anywhere near the area.

I wanted to apply for a library card but apparently it required RM15 + an IC photo. Got the money but not the picture. So I settled for photocopy instead. What a waste. But it might be a good thing as I probably borrowed some story books instead of stick to my real purpose.

After I was done, I headed to Tesco to shop for some stuff. There then I realized I lost my bracelet.

I am the one that slow in adapting certain emotions and this is one of the situation where that kind of thing happened. First I was only searching in my pockets and bag. I wasn't panicked. Then I started walking to where I had been before. But I already reached Tesco and that bracelet probably felt at the library, parking lot, etc. My search area were in kilometers.

Then the reality started to hit me slowly. That bracelet was pure gold, aged older than me and it's borrowed from mak. I can resale it for nearly RM2000++. Worst, mak will literally kill me.

After all that, finally, I had panic attack (told you I was slow)

I was on the way to the library when I dumped my bag contents in the car. There it was.

You can't imagine how relieve I was as I am not to be killed by mak when I get home....

Lesson learnt : dump bag contents before start the car engine. It probably closer than you think :p


Kancilbiru said...

hahaahah...berbaloi kalau aku yang jumpa...

Prinzcy Syida said...

sbb tu aku gelabah. kalau btul jatuh kt mana2, x ada chance nk dpt blk.

syuhada said...

wow~ mahalnya. next time, aku curik je lah dr tangan ang.. ;p

Prinzcy Syida said...

yeah, right :p

yg mahal tu sbb gelang ni gelang lama. emas dia tebal. tp kalau org tgk pn mesti ingat mas tipu sbb kaler dia x berkilau. dh season, dh pudar.