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Monday, February 8

Keeping Bean Sprouts Fresh

Picture from ChineseFood

I love bean sprouts but they seem hate to be in my fridge. Usually they won't stay fresh for long. I tried different method like putting them in an open container. No, that don't work at all. They shriveled faster than usual. So I left them in the plastic bag but they turn mushy and rot faster too. So I tried researching on how to keep them fresh (apart from growing my own that is). All right Syida, let's do some research :p

Tip 1 - Submerging (from eHow)

Put the bean sprouts in a bowl, completely submerge them in water and then add a teaspoonful of lemon juice.

I wonder whether the taste will change by adding the lemon juice?

Tip 2 -  Freeze (from LoveFoodHateWaste)

Freeze in airtight container. Just add when stir fry or soups (bean sprouts soups???)

Won't the texture change when we freeze them then? But this sound good to try.

 Snapware 60002BXS Square Grip 10-Piece Airtight Dry-Food Canister Set

Airtight containers.

Tip 3 - Again, submerge (from Foodsubs)

Again, just completely submerge in water. But this time, no lemon juice required. But according to this site, we need to use it within a day or two. So it doesn't really work then.

So I guess the best method is to freeze them as one user claimed she can kept them for weeks! How much did she bought them anyway?


pizet77 said...

err beli la kacang hijau...confirm fresh

Prinzcy Syida said...

like i said, i'm not growing my own.

pizet77 said...

bgs apa tanam sendiri x dak racun

Prinzcy Syida said...

no way :p

syuhada said...

oo... baru i tahu, tauge adalah bean sprouts... hahaha

aku pernah tanam sendiri. tapi takdan nak dapat tauge, dapat pokok dia terus sebab ralit. =P

Prinzcy Syida said...

aku pernah tanam masa sekolah menengah utk science project. tp suma mati, including org lain pny. km x rajin nk jaga!