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Saturday, February 6

A Day At Work

Situation One

Me : Okay class, I'll read the words and you'll write down the answer in the blanks. Each word either start with 'cl' or 'cr'. For example, 'crab' start with 'cr'. Do you understand?
Class : Yes!!!
Me : Good. The first word, 'clown'.
Student A : (as loudly as he could)'Cl'!!!
Me : Don't tell me, just write down quitely. We'll discuss later. Okay the next word, 'crown'.
Student B : (again, as loudly as ever) 'Cr'!!!
Me : No, just write down! Then the next word, 'Clap'.
More student : (with very loud voice) 'Cl'!!!
Me : -_-!! (I felt damn tired...)

Situation Two

Class period was one and half hour. The first five minutes after the class started...
Student X : Teacher, is it time for recess yet?
Me : .....

Situation Three

Me : What will happen if 3-3?
Class : (mumbling unknown answers)
Me : To make things easier, we'll use fingers to count. Show me three on your finger (they did that) Now put down three. What do we have left?
Student Z : (confidently) 6!!!
Me : .....................................

By the end of the day, I was terribly tired mentally.


pizet77 said...


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syuhada said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA.. i'm sick but i laugh not like a sick person.. because of your story...

yang penting yakin! (refer to situation 3)

Prinzcy Syida said...

bkn yg tu sj depa yakin. ada lagi satu, aku siap terang amfibia tu apa. siap bagi contoh. pastu bila tanya contoh yg lain, dgn yakinnya sorang tu jawab, burung helang.

Kancilbiru said...

sungguh penyabar kan hang...hehe

Prinzcy Syida said...

hehehe, sbb tuition tu yg kena sabar gila.