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Thursday, January 21

Sticky Note Mania

Since I no longer obliged to time and date, I need something to remind me. I want something that can pop up and scream (no, not really screaming >.>) and tell me I need to do this and that. In other word, a reminder+memo+sticky notes+alarm. Yeah, all that.

So I've been browsing in for something that gives me all that and most importantly, free. It's hard to find something that's good, free and received positive review by other users in

I've tried a few and finally I sticked with two.

Two Notes and StickyNotes.

Why two?

Two Notes had more beautiful template than StickyNotes but got no alarm or whatsoever so it's good to display but can't scream to remind me of anything. So I used StickyNotes for notes that need the screaming part. Plus, Two Notes won't disturb the screen.

The yellow one from StickyNotes. See what I meant about the template thingy? I can change the colours, size, type but that's all.

Other important thing is, those two don't eat my HD space. It already have pathetic space left :p


syuhada said...

nama pun sticky note, gitu la rupanya... dia tak design canggih-manggih sangat..

Prinzcy Syida said...

ada yg lawa, tp kena byr.