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Wednesday, January 27

So Why I Was So Quiet?

I meant the blog, not me. Seriously, my big mouth can't be really quiet, regardless of how I try, especially if emotions involved (ie : nervous, hungry, pissed off, etc) unless I was sleeping or in the situation where I can't speak.

So why I was so quiet?

1 - No connection for around 24 hours.

So sux~~~

My Barn Buddy crops nearly stolen (ah, it's not a serious thing anyway -_-") I wonder what happened? Probably got something to do with the highway construction. How long will it takes to complete that highway? ~.~

2 - I was busy.

I will start my part time job teaching English and Science for primary school at a tuition center each Friday. I will be paid RM20 per slot and it will be 4 slot. So I was researching and studying a bit.

Good luck to me \'o'/ Banzai! (I should say ganbatte right?)

3 - Obenkyo.

I was studying for the next tutorial in February. I am aiming to read and understand up to Ch. 5. So my life is kind of jumble a bit until I can sort all down.

p/s : I finally ate Prosperity Burger and realized how sloppy I was. Next time I want to eat burger, I will get a take out and eat at home >.>


nizaa said...

wahh bestnya...dah jadi cikgu tuition..aku tingin nak ajaq budak tuition...:P

Prinzcy Syida said...

apply la kt tuition center dkt2 rumah. x pn buat tuition sendiri. tp cikgu tuition cam kerek, kena sabar gila~~~

syuhada said...

maksudnya syida kerek? kekekekeke

banzai? macam nak pi berperang pulak..

Prinzcy Syida said...

oh syida ada sikit kerek :p

aku rasa mcm nk p perang gak.