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Sunday, January 3

School Starts!!!

The new term start today in Kedah. Syahira began her first day as Form One and Awan as Standard Two. As the driver, I had to send and pick them.

Angry Parents waiting for their children.

When I first started Form One, I had to take a bus. And due to the fact it was my first day, I didn't know the schedule and missed the bus home. Hmmp!!!

Luckily I wasn't alone. There was a few girls missed the same bus and we decided to walk home. It must be crazy as it's around 15 km from home but there's no other choice. After nearly 3 km, a school bus passed by. The driver was kind enough to give us a lift halfway home even though he's not going our direction.

So when this duo went to school by car, I was a bit annoyed actually. They had it all so easy~~~

I did said to Syahira, if she took a bus any day, I won't send her again. Her response, "No way, I hate bus! It's crowded!"

It's a bus, of course it's crowded! Duh! I guess kids these day have it easy. They probably don't know the hard way.


Kancilbiru said...

sama mcm adik2 aku..nk mudah ja...zaman kita dulu semua buat sendiri...adik aku nak p amik sijil SPM pun tak berani...huh!~~

Prinzcy Syida said...

apsal x berani? aku dulu x berani gak masa nk ambik result, aku assume aku fail and dapat pangkat 3 (dahsyat tu!!!) tp sampai jgk kt skolah, awal plak tu.

Kancilbiru said...

uisshh sampai tera tu ang assume pngkat 3..adik aku tu, bukan nak amik result,nak amik sijil SPM yang dah lama tu. katanya sebab tak dak geng la, malas nk ckp la, takut sesat la, taktau nk jumpa sapa la... hishh bebudak zaman la ni banyaaaaaakkk ja alasan..hehe

pizet77 said... ja nek bas bljr ckit

Paint brushes said...

Really you have a good luck...

Prinzcy Syida said...


tu la. tp abg dia backing gila. nnt adik dia jd liar la apa la :p

freaking annoying!

Paint brushes,