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Saturday, January 2

[UPDATED] The Prince Is 8

this is my favourite picture of him 'till now

Prince Awan is eight today. Since His Majesty is not at home (he tagged along with mak to the market) I couldn't snap his latest picture.

Being an eight years old, he love Ben 10, addicted to mirrors (he dazzled himself :p) and quite fussy about his food (not really fond of plain rice, meat is not really on the list, love bread, no spicy food even by tiny bit, etc, etc, etc). He also love pretty woman (not girl, woman) which make him our Shin Chan (though he probably didn't flirt like Shin Chan)

Happy Birthday! May all your dream come true!


Updated from Prince Awan birthday celebration. We were looking for a Ben 10 birthday cake but there was none. Lastly, I took Awan to Fairy Cake shop and let him choose. He was indecisive (first Ultraman, then Tweety, then a plain cake) until he saw a cake with Pucca on it. Apparently, his second favourite cartoon is Pucca. So, I quickly paid for that.

Not really my favourite cake (orange sponge cake) but since he's happy with the Pucca, we just played along.


syuhada said...

happy birthday awan! =D

Allah bless u!

Kancilbiru said...

happy birthday awan.... Semoga menjadi lelaki yang hensem!~~ wahh apa kes? hahaha

syuhada said...

kat secret recipe ada kek ben10.

Prinzcy Syida said...

ada tp kena tempah. we wasn't planning so tak tempah pn.