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Sunday, January 24

First Class and Cute Kamaboko

Yesterday was T1, my really first class (T0 was introduction/orientation/whatever class) So after suffered from panicking and rushing, I made a vow to leave early. At least so I thought. I still need to rush. Don't blame me, blame those slow cars...

Classes/tutorial rooms were named after districts and places. There were some exception like Manjalara and such. Mostly districts. That's how I came across this room.

Laughing smiley face

Since other classes were a mix with other courses, I was surprised to to find out, there's only two of us for the class for TESL. In other word, for this January 2010 intake, there's only two students applying for TESL at PPW Kedah. The tutor even said, he had only one student for the class after ours. Wow~~~ As long as there's a demand for any course, even for a person, they (OUM) will still provide he/she with tutors.

As I mentioned, I have gap from 12 - 3 pm, so I decided to go to Tesco. I still need to buy the cats' food anyway. BTW, there's no free food this time smiley face.

What about the cute Kamaboko as I mentioned in the title?

This is the cute kamaboko.

Sell at Tesco for RM1 each. So cute! Still I ate it anyway~~~


syuhada said...

comelnya! tak macam makanan pun, nampak macam hiasan je. apa rasa dia?

Prinzcy Syida said...

mcm fish cake pn ada.

Prinzcy Syida said...

btw, did i said it's a sushi?

nizaa said...

comelnya...aku tak penah tau pun ada kat TEsco..