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Sunday, January 31

Creme Got Issues

Last night, something got her palm, whatever that was, and caused it to swell and bleed. It was horrible and look so painful. Not to mention, the blood from the palm dripped on the floor. So we had to put her in a cage.

BTW, did I tell you Creme is one of my cat? I can't put a human in a cage...

Anyway, today, the swelling stop but the palm looked bloody. So I decided to visit the vet.

One thing that I hate about visiting the vet is, I sometimes may see pets in their worst time. There's a cat which leg bitten by a dog and the one who brought it in wasn't the owner. He said he felt sorry for it so he decided to help. I probably do the same thing if I were in his shoes. One thing for sure, that was one brave cat. It fought a dog and live. Luckily the cat could be heal. He (the guy that help) can buy a medicine to help the meat regrow from a pharmacy (seriously, I never know such medicine exist O_o)

About Creme, the vet said she'll be fine. He gave her an injection and said to bring her back when the swelling burst (I can't redefine, it's complicated and I don't really understand -_-")

So he gave her medicines.

All pills. I already gave her some for today. I thought it's going to be a war to shove the pills into her throat but it turned out she nicely obliqued. Alhamdulillah. I don't need more scratch (already have a few from last night when I tried to help her)

Creme also need to be quarantine to ensure the healing process work. But Cheeze, despite being healthy seem to hate her for getting all the attention and being in a cage. As a result, both of them are quarantine right now.


syuhada said...

kucing pun kena makan pil? wow~ aku tak tahu ubat untuk binatang macamana rupanya selama ni. membayangkan kucing telan pil? aku terbayang kucing tu letak pil kat hujung tekak dan telan dan cepat-cepat minum air. hahaha *imaginasi terlampau*

syuhada said...

oh, satu lagi.. mula tu aku ingatkan syahirah yang ang maksudkan sehinggalah ang mention pasal masuk dalam sangkar. i was like 'HUH????' hehehe

Prinzcy Syida said...

kucing ada ubat mcm kita gak, including vitamins and such. utk bg dia senang makan pill, buka mulut, letak ujung tekak, pastu tutup mulut dia and gosok bwh mulut and tengkok. kalau dia x buang blk maksudnya dia dh telan. pill is easier than liquid. kalau kena bg liquid, jenuh oo. dh la nk bg dia telan smp abih. aku rela bg pill.

btw, mcm mana ang bleh confuse syahira dgn creme? :p

syuhada said...

because u used 'she'!! if u start with 'my cat' or 'creme' at the first place, so there wont be any issue..

Prinzcy Syida said...

i thought you notice the title.

syuhada said...

no i don't. ahhahaha