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Monday, January 11

Chicken Pox Bug

Awan and Syahira are currently sick with chicken pox. So they got a week of MC and we had to change the menu. Mak said they can't eat oily food so we either steam, roast, bake or whatever as long as there's no frying involve. Not to mention no ketchup either. Syahira already had spots on her face, probably going to leave scars. Awan on the other hand only covered with spots on his body and a few on his face. Mak said he still controlling his handsome face from scarred :p

So yesterday's menu was Steam Chicken (like before), today is Roasted Chicken. I have no clue for tomorrow. Probably I'll make soup.

Why on earth am I craving for Steam Crab right now??? (oh yeah, any seafood apart from fish is a no too T____T)

Picture borrowed from eateatenate