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Sunday, January 10

Being A Student Again

So like I said I was at SP to register for my first degree at OUM.

I went there on Friday as I need Pizet's help to find the way. Mak was pretty pleased to meet her grandson. I never knew there was a new toll ticket so we were pretty intrigued by it.

Then due to that, someone misplaced it and we need to find it as we nearly reach the toll gate.

We nearly had to pay a lot thanks to that!

Anyway, Shauqi was laying at the living room when we arrived.

The Bambam.

I gave the OUM office a call and they said I can register on Friday instead of Saturday. Wow~~~

So we quickly go there and guess what? It was a misunderstanding.

The new students should register on Saturday and Friday registration was only for the old students. So since I was already there, I decided to pay the fee (RM1680) Apparently, if students pay full payment, we'll received 10% off. Wow, like shopping.

I went back on Saturday (I was alone and didn't get lost *smug*)

I thought I was early as the area was pretty deserted. There were cars but not as crowded as it should be. You know what it's like during registration day right? One of the worst traffic jam ever!

Still, there were a few cars. I decided to wait in the car until I noticed this.

Didn't see?


An old man suddenly climb up a tree and once on top, he wailed.


I quickly get inside the building.

I noticed there were already people queuing up. Ah, so I wasn't early but the numbers of students weren't as much as IPTA and this was a branch. I think only around 200++ new students.

As soon as the registration was completed, we were given modules and we're done. There was a small feast to welcome us but I wanted to go home.

Bag of modules.

Officially, I am a student now.


Kancilbiru said...

adakah OUM tu area amanjaya??

Prinzcy Syida said...


syuhada said...

kenapa ada orang atas pokok tu?

Prinzcy Syida said...

org tu maybe mental. kalau x buat apa dia panjat and menjerit.