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Wednesday, December 9

We Went Hunting

...and catch good stuff today!

Okay that was a diversion. Actually mak, Syahira and Awan supposed to leave to Cameron Highland today. But the trip was delayed for a few weeks more. So they kinda pissed off (though mak didn't admit it) So she made a plan for a trip to Tesco instead. I, as the driver had to take her there.

I just realized we ate a lot there...


pizet77 said...

sedapnya ais kacang...x pe another 7 month and a half to go...huhu

haida_s_h said...

ni betul2 punya lepas geram ni. makan banyak giler! hehe

Prinzcy Syida said...


sabo ye makcik. i'll eat on your behalf!


tu la. tgh shopping tetiba dia kata, "cepat skit, mak lapar lagi."

nizaa said...

giler qada untuk berapa bulan tak makan nih? hahaha