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Monday, December 28

Virus Attacks

Who said viruses only come from porn sites, doing illegal downloading or whatsoever criminal activities on the net?

That was so wrong!

I already read a warning from onemanga before but I never took notice of it until I was attacked by one yesterday. Actually twice.

One from checking emails in Yahoo!Mail.

The virus was in the iframe, like this one:

I was peacefully checking my mails and all of the sudden, Avast siren the warning.

The second was from mangafox, also from the iframe.

I am so not in the mood to repair my computer again, whether by myself or the shop. Luckily nothing happen as my antivirus managed to block the access.

So the main point is, make sure your antivirus is always updated. At least you still have a defense against the attack, even a little bit.


haida_s_h said...

wo~~ from iframe?? mana orang sangka sangat kan...

Prinzcy Syida said...

tu la, especially dr site yg kita x jangka mcm tu.